October 5, 2017


Dye Penetrant


Dye penetrant or (liquid) uses dye to detect various types of flaws open to the surface. Our penetrant inspection area is designed to be flexible to customer’s needs. We can process Type I- Fluorescent and also Type II -Visible. Customers can have this method performed on both wrought or machined parts. Most noteworthy is the speed of the inspection. Sometimes you can even get your parts same day. Therefore saving you both time and money! Therefore if it is small or large batches we can turn them quickly.

Dye penetrant types used:

Type I Fluorescent penetrant include the following methods Method A –Water Washable, Method B-Lipophilic Post-emulsifiable, and Method D-Hydrophilic Post-emulsifiable. Due to the fact that we do not perform etch processing our types are limited to these.

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All Fluorescent penetrant at our facility is Sensitivity Level 3- High.