October 5, 2017


Magnetic Particle

Magnetic particle examinations are performed on ferromagnetic materials to detect surface and slight subsurface flaws. Due to the fast processing times we can usually get your parts back to you same day unless they are large or great in quantity.

Here at Vandergriff we perform both Wet Fluorescent Mag, and Dry Powder Method. In house we have a large 15 foot 6,000 amp AC/DC unit and two 12 foot 6,000 amp AC/DC units. We can test any ferrous material from a tiny bolt to a large forging.

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Vandergriff services a diverse industry. We have customers withing the aerospace, petrochemical, amusement, and weld inspection industries. Some of our major approvals include Boeing, and Bell Helicopter.


Have a mag machine?

Do you own a machine that needs preventative maintenance or calibrations? Contact NTC today! We can get you back up in running typically same day! We have 30+ years experience in the NDT industry and have amazing contacts. If we cant help you we know who can!