October 5, 2017




Vandergriff has two units. A 160 kV and 320 kV, which are capable of shooting up to a 1″ steel equivalent part. We specialize in composite parts. Our X-Ray room is designed to accommodate any size part! We have recently expanded into another type of X-Ray technology. Digital Radiography is the latest and greatest! Have your parts back same day, and digital files to keep for yourself. Also the speed and reliability of digital radiography will amaze you! For that reason you will not save yourself time but also money! Similar to when you break your leg and get a modern x-ray we take great care and it is certainly detailed enough for most parts! It seems like the industry is heading this direction and V-tech is ahead of the curve perfecting Digital Radiography practice and methodology. Call today to talk to our professionals about your parts!


The industries we service include Aerospace, Petro Chemical, Automotive, Utility Power, Casting and Forging, Amusement, Electronics and Weld Inspections.

Contact Us Today! We welcome any and all questions big or small! If you know very little about NDT that is no problem, We can walk you through the entire process and get you to where you need to be! We work hard to assure the highest quality, safety and security when dealing with your parts. We have some of the best technicians around ready to inspect on site or in house almost any size job! Even if you are just a small time plane operator or carnival ride maintenance, no job is too big or small for us!


***Now featuring Digital Radiography! amazingly fast and beautiful images!***

Contact us today for Radiography availability and quotes!