October 5, 2017


At Vandergriff Technologies we are committed to providing the BEST when if comes to NDT.

Vandergriff Technologies is unique Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) lab. We offer a full range of NDT methods. Including Ultrasonic,Computed Radiography, Radiography, Dye Penetrant, and Magnetic Particle Inspection. Vandergriff Technologies is proud to be NADCAP and FAA accredited. As a result we see a wide range of aircraft parts and have knowledge applicable to all kinds of projects. Above all we take pride in keeping the aerospace and petrochemical industry as safe as possible. Due to the hectic and crasy world that surrounds us we take great pride in the safety and security of our inspection. While meeting or exceeding your specifications we also discreetly handle your sensitive information with discretion.

We are committed to providing the BEST when it comes to NDT.  We strive to ensure prompt delivery and service, at a competitive price.

Vandergriff services a diverse industry including Aerospace, Petro Chemical, Automotive, Utility Power, Casting and Forging, Amusement, Electronics and Weld Inspections.  Just a few of our major approvals include Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, General Dynamics, Halliburton and Vought. Call us today to set up a class or quote your next project!

Contact Us Today! We welcome any and all questions big or small! If you know very little about NDT thats no problem, We can walk you through the entire process and get you to where you need to be! We work hard to assure the highest quality, safety and security when dealing with your parts. We have some of the best technicians around ready to inspect on site or in house almost any size job! Even if you are just a small time plane operator or carnival ride maintenance, no job is too big or small for us!

Need Calibrations?

We also have a great Calibrations lab that can see you on site as well as in house!  Call North Texas Calibrations today to get your Periodic maintenance and Calibration services.