October 5, 2017



Classroom training will prepare technician. First of all using the fundamentals of the ultrasonic testing.  Therefore the ultrasound classes will cover various techniques including: Immersion, Shear Wave, Thickness Mapping, Contact Testing, and finally the basic maths used in ultrasound. Classes for Level I and II are 80 hour courses. It will include a lab environment, with test samples.

Level I Ultrasound classes will cover the following topics

• Introduction to ultrasonic testing
• Basic Principles of Acoustics
• Equipment
• Transducer Operation and Theory
• Basic ultrasonic testing methods

Level II will cover the following topics

• Principles of ultrasonic
• Equipment calibration
• Evaluation of Base Material Product forms
• Ultrasonic testing Applications
• Transducer Characteristics
• Evaluation Standards

Pre-requisite: Level I Ultrasound

This class Level I and II is an 80 hour course. It will include a lab environment, with test samples.

Ultrasonic inspection is a big focus for our lab. We saw a need for a well rounded Ultrasound Lab. As a result we addressed not only contact longitudinal, weld inspection , and shear wave. For that reason we have also focused on the composite industry. In order to do that we began looking at bond testing and thru transmission C Scan. As a result we have these great techniques together under one roof. Vandergriff Technologies has aquired training, equipment, and years of ultrasonic experience in many industries, making us a great option for almost any type of part.