October 5, 2017



Ultrasonic inspection is a big focus for our lab. We saw a need for a well rounded Ultrasound Lab. As a result we addressed not only contact longitudinal, weld inspection , and shear wave. For that reason we have also focused on the composite industry. In order to do that we began looking at bond testing and thru transmission C Scan. As a result we have these great techniques together under one roof. Vandergriff Technologies has aquired training, equipment, and years of ultrasonic experience in many industries, making us a great option for almost any type of part.

For over 20 years Vandergriff Technologies has maintained a proven record of problem solving and procedural development. Having two large gantries for flat and curved panels inspection. Vandergriff Technologies NDT Services central location is a leader in the area supporting nearly all the primes.

Immersion tanks large and small with pulse echo data acquisition are also used at Vandergriff. Training on systems and Level I and level II training classes are available also available.


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